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It is Azimuth's endeavor to prepare the next generations of skilled and ethical pharmacist by providing excellent training in the core areas of therapeutics that prepares them to compete in a diverse world market.

Feature of the Pharmacist Learning Management SystemHere are some of the

Basics & Core

Educates you on the basics and core concepts on therapeutics, thereby facilitating interaction with physicians pertaining to the Pharmacist.

International Qualification

Enables you to prepare for the “Qualifying” International Pharmacist Licensure Examinations. (NAPLEX, PEBC-2, CAOP, SRE, DOH, MOH, HAAD, etc).

provides 24-hour access

Provides 24-hour access to customized content related to various therapeutic topics. Contents can be visualized on PCs, laptops, tablets, & smart phones.

multiple choice questions

Enables you to work on multiple choice questions (MCQs) based on a format adopted in International Pharmacist Licensure Examinations.

The PLMS pertaining to therapeutics has three components- An audio-visual learning content, an interactive MCQ session, and online tutoring support. The course content is presented by an international team of pharmacist based in the US, Canada, and India. Click below for a demo.

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